Saint John the Evangelist Church has proven through its history that it is a longstanding testament to the faith of the Catholic people of Pittston. Observing Saint John’s alongside the city’s other magnificent churches of all denominations, it is evident that faith has remained a central facet of life for Pittston residents. Saint John the Evangelist has played its part in this religious narrative through its encouragement of Catholic education, its dedication to maintaining a glorious church building, and its engagement as a community. The faith of the Pittston community has stood strong through the historical test of time along with the pressures of war, economic hardship, and political change. This is evident when one examines the history of Saint John the Evangelist Church, a powerful example of the physical and spiritual prominence of religion in Pittston. If its past is any indication of its future, Saint John the Evangelist will continue to flourish for years to come.

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