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I have been serving the Dunmore community for 35 years and feel good about what I do for people. My goal is to make women feel better about themselves. I specialize in problem hair. I do hair restoration which includes: Hair Replacement –Thinning hair problems – Corrective hair solutions. Specializing in the finest quality top head enhancements which I can bond right to the head or if you prefer clip in. Service alopecia clients with hand knotted lace front custom designed cranial prostheses with the finest quality European Hair for the person who wants the very best or top quality human/ synthetic hand knotted wigs. I can get custom made sizes for the petite or for the bigger size head. Whether you have a small amount of thinning on the top of your head or complete baldness I can help you. I have helped many cancer patients look their very best in their time of need. So what ever your problem is I can help you with the best hair restoration system that fits your needs. Any woman seeking help with female pattern baldness – thinning hair – alopecia – hair loss problems – cancer patients, will all be coming to the right place for their hair care needs. I can help women with problem hair to guide them in the right direction for restoring their damaged hair and bring back to healthy hair once again also do corrective colors -add texture to hair- or just need help designing a hair cut made for you. I service seamless extensions that are made of the highest quality material for the person who would like volume and/or length to their hair. Seamless hair extensions are applied with the safest and most natural techniques. So what ever your problem may be I can help find a solution. So Take back you life - Take back your confidence and feel good about yourself once again. Let me help you regain your self esteem.